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For nearly 50 years from 1936, the RSPCA operated a night and weekend emergency service from the basement of its headquarters in Jermyn Street, Piccadilly London. The Police, Fire Brigade and most other agencies relied on them to attend urgent animal rescues to help distressed, injured and trapped animals. The author worked for them in the 1970s and this book chronicles many of  the exciting, bizarre and sometimes tragic incidents he had to deal with and describes how this specialist unit operated.

So sit back and experience the rescues as he rushes across Greater London and be humbled by the stoicism of the animals. Meet the quirky characters he came across who helped him and pay a nostalgic visit to 1970s London and the places which are now long gone.
The book will enthral you, make you laugh, amaze you  and give you an idea of what it is like working at the sharp end of animal welfare.

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John Brookland authors popular blog: and with a monthly worldwide readership of thousands. He has written books on his exploits helping animals, on Social History, True Crime and one on the horses of the Great War.