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There from The Start. Edwin's war with the horses of the 13th. Battery, CFA.

Available from Amazon books or Special Offer direct from publisher Buy Now £11.00 incl. p&p using PayPal button below. UK orders only . For North American orders contact or order from Amazon books. BUy ON amazon books ISBN: 978-1094956763 RRP. £9.99 150 pages 40 b&w photographs . Exploring the emotional bond between the war horses and soldiers in World War One. My book There From the Start follows the exploits of my grandfather Edwin Clark who spent four Novembers during his 42 months on the western front with the Field artillery war horses. The book explores the extraordinary relationship between the men and the war horses and how they were trained and cared for under horrendous conditions. The men were devoted to them, spending most of their working hours with them, and they helped sustain the men’s physical and mental well-being by being their confidants, frien


  Latest Book:  The Churchfield Murder   This remarkable and tragic story has all the elements of a fictional murder mystery, but it is all true. The year 1905, a small hamlet in deepest rural Kent, the body of a man abandoned in a meadow with his throat cut from ear to ear and his skull caved in, a band of Algerian hawkers in the area, Kent’s best homicide detective leading the case, a painstaking investigation and manhunt, national newspaper coverage, a sensational false confession, a misdirected trial, and a cast of real 1905 villagers as witnesses. What more could you want in a true murder mystery?   “Of all the places in the world, the little Kentish village of St Michaels near Tenterden would be the last place with which one would associate the strange and ghastly discovery that was made there on Sunday afternoon.” The Daily Chronicle. June 1905 Who was this victim who had laid there for 30 hours undiscovered? Who killed him in such a savage way and why?  Drawing on a wealth o

Injury, damage To Health & Cruel Treatment

Injury, Damage To Health & Cruel Treatment ISBN: 978-1519300164  56 pages 32 b/w photographs.    R.R.P  £4.99 Book contains distressing & graphic photos of dead and suffering animals. FREE  postage and packing on UK orders when bought from Bitzabooks. Non-UK orders please contact us for price. This revised and edited report, originally published in 1985 and presented to the CITES conference in Buenos Aires by the author, was the culmination of three years research into the sickening trade in wildlife and the transport conditions they had to suffer to reach Europe and the USA for the pet trade and research. Has a foreword by Sir Peter Scott. Not suitable for young readers. An 3 Ways to Order and Pay from Bitza Books:   1.Buy Now  Use the PayPal button at the bottom of the page  using   Debit/Credit card or with PayPal account. All payments are secure through PayPal.  You do not need an account.  Books normally dispatched within 72 hours of payment. OR 2. If you prefer send your